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    For Professionals and Animal Lovers

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    Become A VIATA Member

  • <span>Viata</span>  Science - Reward based training

    Viata Science - Reward based training

  • <span>Dedicated</span>  to promoting humane, reward based training

    Dedicated to promoting humane, reward based training

  • Our Vision

    Reward-based humane animal training and handling on Vancouver Island.



  • Why Positive?

    This section explains why positive training is the way to go!
    Articles written by professionals and more!



    VIATA Professional Members
    Trainers, Dog Care
    Veterinary Services
    Pet food and Supplies


  • Resources and Links

    Great websites to visit for more information and resources for training, behavior and more recommended by VIATA!



  • We Can Make a Difference

    We are a growing network of professionals and individuals, who seek to enhance cooperation, respect and trust between people and animals.
    We promote humane methods of training, behaviour management and animal care. We aim to increase awareness and education about such methods and provide net-working, mentoring, education, and training exchange workshops on Vancouver Island.
    Please join us!


The Heart of the Matter

Welcome to VIATA!

WELCOME TO Vancouver Island Animal Training Association, VIATA!

The purpose of VIATA is to promote humane scientific reward-based training, and animal handling on Vancouver Island.

VIATA was created as a local forum and resource for professionals in the animal care field and concerned individuals alike.

As VIATA members we share as a core value the well-being of all animals we come into contact with and care deeply about humane, low-stress, reward and science-based methods.

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Latest News and Events

    and FREE!
    Educational Event For All Members (topic TBA)


    Sunday, June 18
    Scout Hall
    @ Cowichan Exhibition
    7380 Trans-Canada Highway Duncan, BC
    To Register, Please Contact:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • We are very excited to present the premiere edition of VIATA’s
    Quarterly Newsletter, in the Winter of 2017.

    The VIATA Newsletter has been emailed to all of our members, and please feel free to share it as widely as you like.
    We want to promote VIATA and member events, and training ideas.


  • Dogs That Chase

    Why Do Dogs Chase Things, Why is It a Problem, and What Can We Do About It?

    FREE for current VIATA members!
    Members Workshop

    Sunday, March 26
    2:00pm – 5:00pm

    Arrowsmith Hall - 1014 Ford Road Coombs, BC

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